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Toll Gate Apothecary is excited to offer a full line of Nutraceutical products. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding their products. 

Nutraceutical is a concept born from the union of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical and refers to those natural foods that have a positive effect on people´s health beyond basic nutrition. These products are developed through biotechnology processes, from nutrients and other substances after a process of isolation and purification.

Biotics Research have developed a series of natural additives and nutrients for the nutraceutical industry in order to promote good nutrition for people through natural antioxidants that increase the useful life of products (Natural Tocopherols), and active ingredients for food fortification (Natural Vitamin E and Omega 3).

Biotics Research has been commited to the supplement industry or over 20 years, developing natural ingredients and tailored products for different nutraceutical applications.